Standard Finishes

Our standard finishes are made from durable MFC. The finished result is a beautiful, quality product without a price tag that breaks the bank.

The possibilities are endless as we offer an extensive range of finishes across a variety of woods through to soft pastels and bright, bold colours. You’ll be sure to find just what you’re looking for.

1) Element
2) Colour
3) Woodland
4) Woodland Premium
5) Metal & Rock
6) Perfect Sense (PM/PG)

Wood Veneers & Laminates

There are a multitude of laminate and veneer options available to you. There is such a vast amount of options, it is impossible to condense into a standard range.

We can source popular laminates from Formica, Polyrey, Fenix, Abet laminates and more, as well as the desirable tones, grains and cuts of different veneer. If you have a specific choice in mind please contact us to find out more on availability and cost.

A visual selection of the types of finishes available


Make your James Tobias products truly your own with great looking, long lasting graphics. Much more than a decorative finish, we’ve developed our graphics to be protective and offer long term durability.

So if you want a long lasting, striking finish, while making a real statement we’ll bring your ideas to life.

Special Finishes

We recognise the importance of a material and the role it can play in design. We love exploring the use of new materials, colours and textures and how they can be applied to our products to add a creative twist to your environment.

The finishes below highlight just some of the superb materials that James Tobias use. From our industry innovating new RPC material (made entirely from recycled waste plastic) to living moss, it’s easy to incorporate these special finishes into your design scheme and our designers are always on hand to advise.


NEW RPC (Recycled Plastic Composite)


Cork and Moss




Wool – Class A sound absorber – Heather

Acoustic board

Sprayed MDF

Powder coated steel with dekton panels

Powder coated steel

Wool – Class A sound absorber – Cream


Our fabric range offers variety in texture and colour whilst complimenting market trends.

If there is a fabric you require, but isn’t displayed in our range please get in touch for more options.

1) Rivet
1) Era
2) Canopy
2) Vita
2) X2
3) Patina
3) Aspect
3) Manila
3) Main Line Flax
3) Remix 3
4) Oceanic
4) Blazer
4) Regent
4) Aquarius
4) Canvas 2
4) Melange Nap
5) Yoredale
5) Zap

Locks & Handles

Our range of locks and handles, from high tech, wireless solutions to traditional key operated systems, combine secure functionality with elegant design.

We’re always growing and innovating and our range of locks and handles reflects this. Incorporating this kind of innovation is what we do, so you can expect truly secure storage solutions that are also easy to use. Whether you want a traditional solution or something space age, that stands out or that blends in, the choice is yours.

Lock Knob

The Lock Knob and key is a timeless classic that always appeals to the eye. Robust, functional and reliable, the lock will operate for many years. The core barrels can be suited or individually numbered, allowing multiple locks to be used on items such as lockers.

Read the manufacturer specification

Flush Lock

A variation of the lock knob, our flush locks use the same quality barrel as our traditional lock knob which allows the same options on key numbers. These are traditionally used when you require a separate handle and don’t want a lock to protrude more than it needs too. Also a good solution for lockers.

Read the manufacturer specification

Mechanical Combination Lock

This hassle-free combination lock offers many of the benefits of electronic – without the cost. Available in single and multi-user versions.

Read the manufacturer specification

Instruction video

Codelocks KL1000

Functional Keypad at a budget price.

Read the manufacturer specification

Instruction video

Lehmann TA01/03 combined with M400/410/610

Simple keypad that can double up as a handle. Works with the same bolt/ battery packs as the RFID systems.

Read the manufacturer specification

Additional manufacturer specification

Ojmar OCS/ Pro

Standard keypad with a 3 year battery life. This may tick the design box. It comes in silver, white or graphite.

Read the manufacturer specification

Instruction video

Codelocks KL1050

Lehmann M400/410/610 with L033-A02

Simple rfid receiver that doubles up as a grab handle. Optional upgrade to use with their software.

Read the manufacturer specification

Additional manufacturer specification

Ojmar OTS Advanced

All round capable rfid lock with NFC programmer and option to use via software.

Read the manufacturer specification

Instruction video

Lehmann Captura

Cost effective locker lock with optional optical light indicator and ejector pin to push the door open. Optional upgrade to use with their software.

Read the manufacturer specification

Additional manufacturer specification

Ojmar Nexo NLX1


Ideal for Gym and Leisure Areas. Easy to programme RFID cards, Fobs and wristbands.

Read the manufacturer specification

Instruction video

Bar Handles

Stainless steel finish Lengths range from 156-967mm Width – 12mm.

Inset Handle

Brushed nickel finish. Lengths 45mm and 173mm. Width - 45mm.

Pull Handle

Matt nickel, Matt chrome and Polished chrome finishes. 44mm Wide.

Bow Handle

Matt nickel finish. Lengths range from 115-350mm.

D Handle

Brushed Stainless finish. Lengths range from 143-463mm Width - 15mm.


Designed in detail.

Because our storage solutions are designed around you, we’ve also incorporated a range of functional accessories that make our systems even more flexible.

Alt text

Paper Guides

If your storage solution needs a post slot, we can build them in at the manufacturing stage – making for both a better finish and more efficient installation. Our standard paper guide has a 310 x 21mm opening.

Label Frames

We offer a standard range of label frames designed to complement our systems, with a variety of other frame solutions available on request. Sizes include small (69 x 35mm), medium (93 x 42mm) and large (100 x 74mm).

Number Discs

Number discs can be essential where there are large numbers of lockers. You can choose from a vinyl disc with a brushed stainless effect and black text or, where budget allows, a high quality, engraved solution in a range of colours.

Hafele USB Port

A simple USB charging station with just a 35mm diameter that can charge up to two devices at any one time.

Cambrionix PowerPad15

The PowerPad15 can charge and sync up to 15 devices via USB at any one time – perfect for any organisation that utilises numerous devices on a day-to-day basis. This state-of-the-art USB technology is compatible with every manufacturer model.

OE Electrics Pixel/TUF

Developed to provide a powerful, compact and efficient power source for your mobile device, Pixel/TUF removes the need for plug-top chargers. You can charge up to two devices simultaneously and quickly.

OE Electrics Pop

POP is a compact, single socket, power module designed specifically for flush installation in a wide range of furniture and interior surfaces where a very small visual footprint is preferred.

OE Electrics Arc80

Lose those annoying cables and get charging with ARC80 Simply rest your wireless compatible phone* on our wireless charger for a fast convenient charge – perfect for flexible workplaces!

OE Electrics Pip

PIP, as the name suggests has been designed to provide convenient AC power and USB ‘fast-charging’ in its purest and simplest form.

OE Electrics Phase

An exciting new concept in power modules from OE Electrics, that is ideal for providing convenient but discreet power, data and USB Fast charging in offices, hotels, restaurants, airports and many other locations.

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