Wall storage ideas for your commercial, hospitality or education interior

forward facing classrooms

When looking for wall storage ideas, adaptability, flexible design and customisable features are an integral part of the overall finish. This is why these are just some of the key features that define our specialist wall products, making it the go to product for bespoke commercial, hospitality and education interiors.

According to Capital One’s 2018 Work Environment Survey “79% of employees agree that a company cannot encourage innovation unless their workplace environment is innovative.”

Making the most out of your space and utilising effective storage solutions whether you are in an office, hotel or education setting is a critical part of your interior and usable space. Our wall storage solutions enable an aesthetically pleasing environment along with full storage functionality for those experiencing the space.

Wall storage ideas from interior innovators James Tobias

We design, manufacture and install inspiring, bespoke built interiors and when it comes to wall storage ideas our innovative and bespoke product StorageWall allows us to maximise the use of interior space and minimise installation time whilst giving no compromise on design and quality.

StorageWall is the foundation of our Specialist Wall range; MediaWall, EducationWall and WorkWall which all use the pioneering features of StorageWall and were developed to serve the particular needs of specific sectors.

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation all these products can be adapted using our eco-friendly product, EcoWall. These panels are made entirely from our pioneering new material, RPC (Recycled Plastic Composite) and can support the same weight as conventional furniture systems.


MediaWall at Bechtle

From the boardroom to conference and training facilities, there is opportunity to use MediaWall in a wide range of environments, integrating style and technology.

Putting technology and high tech media equipment at the core of your commercial environment, it gives a slick and fully functional media centre with the option to have it hidden behind fascias and doors when not in use.


education wall part of the specialist walls range

Innovation should begin in the classroom and our multi-purpose storage system EducationWall product provides an inspirational education setting for the modern school environment utilising all the key elements such as SMART Interactive Whiteboards, Gratnell trays, charging points for tablets/laptops and lockers.


specialist workwall for commercial interiors

Within the survey mentioned earlier “Two in three employees (66 percent) say that workplace design is as important, or more critical, than workplace location.” This is why we have evolved the working desk environment, with our product WorkWall, incorporating modern design with cutting edge manufacturing allowing storage and technology integration.

If you would like to discuss wall storage ideas, the finishing touches and how they can benefit your commercial, hospitality or education interior, please contact James Tobias today.

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