Upcycling unused materials to create new products

At James Tobias, we know that making something new doesn’t have to mean doing away with the old. In fact, as well as the development of our EcoWall made entirely from recycled plastic waste materials, our unused stock boards are also one of our best assets when it comes to creating sustainable, stylish new products.

Each week, we gather around four unused sheets of stock board. These sheets are then put in a stock holding, with the intention of using them in the future, turning them into useable carcass material.

In the past these unused sheets had only a 10% chance of being turned into reusable material. Now due to improvements with our internal infrastructure and new spray line equipment, we can reuse around 70% of this previously unused stock, getting it back into the production cycle once again, reducing waste and disposal requirements, ultimately lowering our carbon footprint.

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