The rise and fall of the open plan office

Despite huge growth in businesses embracing the open plan office, research suggests that an open plan office can actually reduce face-to-face interactions by up to 70%. Increased ambient noise, fear of disturbing colleagues and lack of spatial boundaries can cause employees to withdraw and rely on digital methods of communication such as email and instant messenger. 

Not only is collaborative working affected but worryingly, 1 in 3 open plan office workers report feeling distracted and 1 in 6 say it inhibits their creativity.

Is office zoning the solution?

Flexible office zoning offers a number of positive solutions. Creating spaces within space and affording employees enough privacy to relax, create and innovate. Zoning can also define spatial boundaries which, in turn, allows employees to take ownership of their immediate working environment whilst not completely enclosing a space or environment.

The perfect mix of collaboration and privacy

Utilising mid-height zoning units can transform a large open space into a series of private or smaller areas whilst retaining a collaborative feel. Creating more defined areas i.e. semi-private workspace and meeting or discussion areas can allow employees to function, as intended, within these spaces.

Dual purpose zoning: practical and aesthetic

Any product that divides or defines a space can be used for zoning. Products should not be limited to traditional partitioning walls. PRP Architects optimised their working environment by utilising a stylish and contemporary combination of StorageWall and low level lockers to divide and define their space whilst retaining a level of ‘openess’.

Our free standing products can all be used for zoning, allowing you create new spaces that compliment your business branding and style. From our fast lockers to Zonix display units to our engineered joinery solutions, we provide a zoning solution for any business environment.

Ready to start zoning?

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