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Interior zoning, done well, can improve the physical infrastructure of an interior space and the emotional needs of the people using it. From offices and hotels, to schools and our homes, interior zoning can affect how we perform, relax and interact in the environment around us.

Interior zoning can influence positive feeling, making a space more psychologically or emotionally appealing, or evoke a particular mood. This can be heightened by the zoning products themselves, how they’re used insitu and the inclusion of additional finishes, colours and textures.

Dividing an interior space into specific zones helps address the different needs of those using it. Something that was a major consideration when James Tobias helped develop the Thatchers Cider head office in Somerset.

Interior zoning products

James Tobias have developed a range of unique products specifically designed to make zoning simple, efficient and stylish. Interchangeable and adaptable, James Tobias Zoning range includes Zonix (for zoning and display), Divide (for space saving partitioning and movable walls) and Quebix (for practical storage and display) – any of them are suitable for creating cost-efficient, temporary or permanent bespoke interiors.

All James Tobias interior zoning can be complemented with veneers, graphics or fabrics and if you’re incorporating any of our locker systems a wide range of locks and handles are also available.

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