Sustainable interiors and eco products

From the sourcing of raw materials for our products, to our supply chain and distribution network, we’re constantly working to minimise the impact our company has on the environment. James Tobias have an enviable reputation for quality built interiors, and our new material innovations are helping shape the future of sustainable interiors.

Industry changing eco materials

Everyone is aware of the the impact of plastics on our environment. It’s estimated that 79% of the plastic produced over the last 70 years has simply been thrown away. Only 9% of waste plastic has been recycled (the remainder is incinerated) and Surfers Against Sewage report that there’s currently 269,000 tons of microscopic plastic pieces in our oceans.

Historically, materials made from recycled plastic have been flawed – they’ve been unable to bear heavy loads and buckle, bend or warp. Not anymore. James Tobias have developed and patented a new, cutting-edge polymer board that is made entirely from low grade, previously unrecyclable plastic waste.

The new board is capable of withstanding and supporting the same loads as conventional furniture systems without having to use timber-based materials. This reduces the demand for timber and recycles a readily available waste with little negative impact on the load bearing features of the furniture system.

From StorageWall and lockers, to Zoning and Tea Point our polymer board can be used as an integral part of many James Tobias systems and products. Lightweight, flexible and adaptable, it can also be customised with durable MFC, veneers, laminates, graphics or fabrics from our wide range of finishes.

Eco credentials

Anyone considering a development featuring sustainable interiors would want a partner that takes sustainability seriously. At James Tobias we make sure our business is as environmentally friendly as our products, which is why you can rely on the following;

  • We’re FSC certified
  • All timber we use is sourced from a UK supplier (who’s also FSC certified)
  • Many of our products feature sustainable materials like bamboo, cork and wool
  • Our product frames and carcasses are made from recyclable aluminium
  • All our waste is carefully sorted prior to recycling
  • We pack and deliver on re-suable stillages, minimising the use of timber pallets

Advice you can trust

Backed by a 30 year legacy of design, manufacturing and installation, James Tobias are synonymous with bespoke, built interiors. If you’d like to know more about planning sustainable interiors contact James Tobias today. 

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