Sustainability has always developed from the inside out

Sustainability is an integral part of everything James Tobias do. From sourcing of raw materials to our supply and distribution network, we look carefully (and keep looking carefully) at each part of the business process to see where we can be smarter, more efficient and ultimately greener.

And it’s not a chore. As engineers, we naturally want to improve and refine. So, where others might view sustainability as a box to tick, a cost or simply an obligation, we see it as a powerful USP. From a business sense, being more efficient can be seen as investment in our bottom line as well as a point of difference that many of our customers find refreshing and attractive.

Sustainability embraces people, process and products

A business knows it’s doing something right when their staff are motivated and engaged. The entire James Tobias team embrace our company vision and mission, our processes and systems. There’s company-wide ownership of our values and an obvious desire to create a positive impact; everyone is proud of the work we do and the James Tobias legacy. It’s clear to us that putting sustainability high on our agenda encourages and invites innovation and creativity from everyone.

James Tobias is an inclusive company. We ask everyone to consider what impacts and shapes our future; from minimising waste and maximising recycling, to gauging opinion on sustainability and helping shape strategies for growth.

A sustainable future

Jame Tobias continually review and refine everyday processes and operations to ensure we strengthening our sustainable credentials. Here’s just a few examples:

  • We invested in a new ERP (Enterprising Resource Planning) technology reducing the need for printed paper work and documentation
  • We schedule and group deliveries, installations and any snagging geographically, so we minimise unnecessary mileage and reduce emissions.
  • We always source newer, environmentally friendly vehicles for our fleet
  • Where possible our installers stay as close as possible to the project site, again minimising travel and mileage
  • We prefer to pack and deliver on reusable stillages, instead of pallets and all our waste is carefully sorted for recycling.
  • We’re FSC certified (98% of our products incorporate FSC certified materials)
  • We construct our frames and carcasses from aluminium, which is infinitely recyclable and FSC board
  • We source our wood from a UK supplier to minimise the carbon footprint (the same supplier is FSC rated and plants a tree for every one cut down)
  • During product development we always utilise innovative, sustainable materials such as cork, bamboo and wool

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