Our bespoke office storage solutions offer a host of benefits

When it comes to storage, at James Tobias we know what works. We provide clever solutions that look good and fit perfectly in any office environment. Our range of quality products are available in bespoke and customisable designs, that can be easily adapted for many different office spaces.

Whatever your storage needs, we have the solution for you. From storage cabinets and cupboards, to our innovative StorageWall, we manufacture it all onsite, using an extensive range of materials and finishes.


If making the most of your office space is important, our StorageWall delivers. Installed quickly and efficiently, the StorageWall system includes built-in height adjustability, so it’s incredibly easy to relocate should you need to change the layout of your space.

Benefits of StorageWall

  • Manufactured onsite from high quality, durable materials
  • Comes in a variety of styles with a wide range of finishes
  • Fully demountable and easy to relocate after installation
  • Available in sustainable options, such as our EcoWall panels constructed from recycled materials

Office lockers

Gone are the days of office lockers simply being pieces of functional storage. At James Tobias, we supply bespoke lockers and cabinets that maximise office space and can be personalised to match or reflect your business brand.

From wireless solutions to traditional key operated systems, our elegantly designed office lockers come in many varieties, combing stylish storage and robust security for your workspace.

Our range of office lockers

  • Trim Lockers – these highly adaptable lockers keep your office space clutter-free and are available in a range of stylish finishes. It’s a popular product: we’ve fitted bespoke Trim Lockers for companies including Thatchers Cider and Frontier Estates.
  • Fast Lockers – sleek and practical, these free-standing lockers provide storage and security for any business. With flexible design options inluding size, style and lock customisation, it’s easy to achieve the secure storage solution to fit the needs of any space.
  • Aria Lockers – a stylish and modern locker option, our Aria Lockers provide full height storage and can be finished in a number of different aesthetics. They can also be fully integrated with our StorageWall for a combination storage solution that really looks the part.
  • Z Lockers – designed to store hanging garments and take up as little floor space as possible, our Z Lockers can be fully integrated into any James Tobias storage solution.
  • Smart Lockers – fitted with leading lock technology, our Smart Lockers make office storage simple. They come with many innovative features, including automatically allocating lockers to specific staff members and providing customers with rentable storage.

Storage and display systems

Clever storage solutions don’t always mean tucking things away tidily where they can’t be seen. Keep your office space clutter free and decorated with eye-catching displays with our office divider walls and screens.

From product display, to artfully arranging office plants and photographs, our bespoke storage solutions are yours to personalise.

Our range of storage and display solutions

  • Zonix – the shelves and boxes of our sleek, modern Zonix range are available in different sizes and finishes. This is a highly adaptable storage solution ideal for impressive internal displays within your office space.
  • Quebix – stackable, stylish and available in a huge range of finishes, our Quebix range is easy to customise and configure within an office space.

Whatever your storage needs, we have the solution for you

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