A mission statement for a better tomorrow...

James Tobias sustainability mission statement

Winning the Environmental Achievement award at the 2021 Somerset Business Awards was a pivotal moment for James Tobias. It reminded the industry of their 30 year legacy of design, manufacturing and installation and also positioned them as a business with eyes set firmly on the future of the environment.

James Tobias sustainability mission statement has developed from an understanding, not just of their customers needs, but also the needs of the world around them and the role we all have in protecting it.

The aims of the sustainability mission statement

Head of Innovation & Marketing, Ryan Williams, explains the need for James Tobias sustainability mission statement. “We are actively working to reduce the environmental footprint of our products, services, office locations and supply chain. To implement our objectives, we will periodically co-ordinate, manage and review the ongoing development and implementation of the sustainability mission statement. This is fully supported by James Tobias Senior Management Team, all of which are committed to improving the environmental performance of the business. Over time we pledge to:

  • Design and manufacture products that consider the materials they use and the impact that has on the environment.
  • Adhere to and work above and beyond, both current and anticipated environmental legislation and other requirements.
  • Implement a waste management strategy that minimises waste production and increases diversion from landfill through recycling, supply chain management and ensuring our business activities prevent pollution where possible.
  • Implement an strategy that improves energy efficiency and sources from green providers where possible.Build an environmentally responsible supply chain and sub-contractor network.
  • Educate, train and motivate employees to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Embed and continuously improve our environmental performance, both internally and with our supply chain and sub-contractor networks.

A mission statement backed by action

James Tobias are FSC certified, we use timber sourced from the UK, recyclable aluminium for many products and all manufacturing is done in our Somerset-based factory. Our new RPC eco-material is being used in one of our core products, StorageWall and there are many other innovations in development.

Service excellence for a sustainable future

James Tobias are synonymous with the design, manufacture and installation bespoke  commercial interiors. If you’d like to know more, contact James Tobias today.

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