"Innovation is critical to our continued business growth..."


Head of Innovation & Marketing, Ryan Williams, explains why innovation is critical to James Tobias continued business growth and success.

“A large part of James Tobias success is built on 30 years of business expertise and heritage. New product development, including our landmark polymer board (made entirely from low grade, previously unrecyclable plastic waste), is hugely important to our business, our clients and the environment. James Tobias business growth also relies heavily on investment in staff and continued advancements in our Somerset-based manufacturing facility.”

Investing in business growth

“The installation of an additional Morbidelli m100 CNC unit has brought a number of benefits to our manufacturing process, including;

  • Improved efficiency: we can now simultaneously load twice as many panels
  • Upgraded software: has improved both product visualisation and simulation
  • Extra capacity: we now have three drills (previously we had two)

The Morbidelli CNC unit also features a next gen drill head which means we can add more drill types and sizes and simultaneously drill more holes. The larger drill bed allows us to load bigger panels and smaller, higher performance suction pads offer more control so we can now machine smaller more detailed panels.

See the machine in action here…

Investment in time-saving technology is a small part of our planned business growth. James Tobias will continue to invest in people, develop new products and minimise our impact on the environment.

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