How to make an office more sustainable

At James Tobias, sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We were proud winners of the Environmental Achievement Award at the 2021 Somerset Business Awards – a testament to our commitment of heading in a better, greener direction.

Actively reducing the carbon footprint of the products we supply and the services we offer, was part of our 2021 sustainability mission statement. All our manufacturing is done at our Somerset-based factory, and we use environmentally friendly materials wherever we can. From UK-sourced timber, to recyclable aluminium, to our innovative RPC material – made entirely from recycled waste plastic – we are always looking to develop new, sustainable manufacturing solutions.

If you want to create an office interior that looks the part and is made from sustainable materials, we have a range of bespoke products to suit your needs. Read on to find out more about some of our products that can help make your office interior more sustainable.

Sustainable storage solutions

Our EcoWall is a smart storage solution that provides a sustainable alternative to wood. Part of the popular StorageWall range, each EcoWall panel is made entirely from recycled waste plastic materials.

Plastic often receives bad press for being one of the most overused and wasted materials – and it’s no wonder: according to Statista, the UK generates over two million metric tons of plastic waste each year.

Our EcoWall is manufactured in the UK and seamlessly creates additional storage capacity within your office space. It’s fully demountable and easy to relocate should you ever change office layout or location. If you want a highly adaptable and sustainable storage solution, you can’t go wrong with EcoWall.

Sustainable seating

In modern offices, forward-thinking businesses often install seating areas separate from the traditional desks and office chairs. These seating areas might be for eating lunch, having a meeting – or simply taking a break.

Our highly adaptable tiered seating is a fantastic, intelligent seating solution. Supplied in easy to move modules that can be stored away or extended, depending on how you want to layout your space, our tiered seating is available in a wide range of stunning finishes.

If you’re looking for a sustainable seating option, our tiered seating fits the bill. Every module is made from sustainable MFC or natural plywood, both highly durable and eco-friendly materials.

Sustainable booths

Create a stylish and flexible working environment with the addition of booths to your office. Our office booths make the most of your space by cleverly slotting into existing interiors. They also integrate seamlessly with many of our products, particularly StorageWall.

If you want to create a comfy nook for your workspace, Cosy Cove is a great option. Finished in a soft, premium fabric that’s available in a wide range of colours, Cosy Cove can be incorporated into any StorageWall run. If you install one alongside our EcoWall, it’ll be made of our sustainable RPC material.

Another stylish booth option is the Retreat, a slick addition to any workspace. The Retreat creates private spaces ideal for meetings or working, and can be customised with additional features such as interior lighting, Bluetooth speakers and charging points. The frame is coated in a recycled aluminium finish, so it makes for another sustainable office furnishing choice.

Introduce sustainable office interiors into your commercial space.

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