How office design can improve wellbeing and productivity

People spend an enormous of amount of their working life in offices. Unsurprisingly, the more pleasant you can make an office, the more employees will enjoy spending their time there. But did you know that – with the implementation of clever office design – you can also create office spaces that improve the wellbeing and productivity of employees? Read on for tips on how to do this.

1.    Bring plant life into the workspace

Adding plants to an office space is a simple way to provide numerous benefits to employees. Having plants in the office improves the air quality, as they remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. They also brighten up the workplace and add a dash of green, natural vibrance to any indoor environment.

Living walls are also a great way to bring the outdoors inside – such as our clever StorageWall range, which can be finished in moss. There’s plenty of evidence that incorporating biophilic design to an office interior makes for a happy, productive workforce.

2.    Office pods and booths

To add a different dynamic to an office, bringing in office pods and booths creates new environments for employees to use. Office pods are ideal for holding private one-to-ones, attending virtual meetings, or just getting some headspace and working in peace when needed.

Office pods are also really useful for creating quiet spaces in open plan offices, ensuring people can concentrate and feel comfortable at work – hence improving employee wellbeing and promoting productivity.

3.    Create breakout areas

All work and no play makes for an unhappy workforce, so it’s of vital importance to have comfortable breakout areas where staff can chill out and enjoy some time away from work. Our Tiered Seating is perfect for creating comfortable breakout areas with soft seating. It’s fully customisable and space saving with its dynamic, modular design.

Having a communal space where staff can go to brew a tasty cuppa or grab a snack is also fantastic for wellbeing, like our stylish Tea Point. Incorporating just some of these office interior design options will hugely benefit employees and improve their productivity levels.

4.    Incorporate zoning

The office is a great place to socialise and build personal relationships, which is great for wellbeing. However, it’s also important to allow people who need to get their head down and focus on work not feel that their productivity is being impacted by a noisy office environment. This can be especially difficult in large, open plan offices, where peace and privacy can be hard to come by if the office interior design hasn’t been carefully considered.

By using zoning, even open plan offices can be divided into separate areas, creating quiet spaces without compromising collaborative working and socialising between employees. This means productivity isn’t hampered, and neither is relationship building.

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