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In recent times, the simple pleasure of chatting to colleagues over a cup of tea was unexpectedly lost to us for a while. Now that we’re all able to get back in the office and be with our team again, what better time to install an extra social space in your office? The James Tobias Tea Point, our bespoke office kitchen product will complete your workspace.

The benefits of our Tea Point Office Kitchen

Creating the perfect office kitchen couldn’t be simpler with James Tobias. Our office Tea Point design is quick to manufacture and install, ready to meet the caffeine needs of your staff in no time at all.

Before anything goes to production, we’ll make sure you’re getting exactly the kind of office kitchen you want. With the range of different designs and finishes we have available, you’ll end up with a bespoke Tea Point that’s just right for you.

The benefits of installing a James Tobias Tea Point include:

  • Choosing from a vast range of finishes that perfectly suit your space
  • Quick installation of your bespoke office kitchen
  • Competitive pricing
  • Everything is manufactured right here in the UK with the option to use sustainable materials

A bespoke office kitchen designed to suit your space

With the James Tobias Tea Point, you can install an office kitchen designed to suit both your space and the people who work there. Using our unique combination of clever spotlighting and surfaces constructed from glass and sustainable materials, we create a welcoming and functional space for the most important people in your business – the staff who work there.

All our Tea Point components are available to install in a range of different module sizes and dimensions. So, whatever space you’re working with, we can fit you with an office kitchen that’s the perfect fit.

The Tea Point is the place where your staff will gather to build business relationships and friendships. Whether they’re discussing business matters or the latest episode of the series everyone’s glued to right now, your Tea Point will become a vital part of building a community within your workplace.

Each unique Tea Point is installed in the finish of your choice

Fully personalise your new office Tea Point by choosing the ideal finish. Our finishes really allow your creativity to shine through – you can select dynamic graphics, sleek wood finishes, stylish fabrics and more.

Our popular finishes include:

  • Standard Finishes – from cool and contemporary pastel colours to rustic woodland oak, explore this broad range.
  • Wood Veneers and Laminates – choose from popular laminates like Formica, and a variety of different tones and grains of veneer.
  • Graphics – our durable graphic finish is the perfect way to make your office kitchen truly unique to your business.
  • Special Finishes – our extensive range of innovative special finishes includes sustainable choices like our new RPC material, made entirely from recycled waste plastic, and intriguing natural textures like bamboo and moss.

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