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Our premium storage wall solution, StorageWall is designed and manufactured to suit specific site conditions; maximising the space available and minimising site installation time. One of the most versatile products in the James Tobias range, this clever bespoke storage system can be upgraded or adapted to serve the needs of the surrounding environment and the people using it.

What are the benefits of bespoke storage solutions?

StorageWall is the pinnacle of bespoke storage. It’s unique and adaptable features combine maximum storage capabilities with timeless design. Whether you need to accommodate the storage needs of an entire workforce in the head office, or a small team in a boutique studio, our storage wall delivers. And because you can add custom finishes and graphics, it can always be on brand, while you create the ultimate interior environment.

  • StorageWall is superbly space-efficient and lends itself to tricky, floor-to-ceiling spaces
  • It can accommodate everything from shelving and lockers, to TV screens and drawers
  • Power points, USB ports, lighting, locks and more can be included to meet practically any specification
  • Durable, adaptable and completely re-mountable.

Sustainable bespoke storage solutions

Our storage wall frames are made from recycled aluminium, making them incredibly strong yet lightweight. As standard the sidewall panels are made from 18mm MFC, but as part of an on-going desire to minimise our impact on the world around us, we have developed a new RPC (Recycled Plastic Composite) eco-material. RPC is now being used to manufacture our EcoWall panels which offer an alternative sidewall panel for use with StorageWall.

It’s this level of innovation that led to James Tobias winning the Environmental Achievement award at the 2021 SBA Awards.

Bespoke storage with a difference

From offices and schools, to hotels and leisure centres StorageWall, like all James Tobias products, can be adapted to suit any interior environment and it boasts an impressive spec that includes (as standard) our strong, lightweight aluminium carcass, multiple door configurations, integral lockers and media wall units and electrical points.

James Tobias dedicated network of trusted installers make sure that every fit out is snag free wherever possible and because our storage wall is so easy to install, there’s little mess or disruption, so businesses don’t experience costly downtime or office closures.

One of the most attractive features is that it’s entirely demountable. So if your interior needs and plans change, storage wall can be safely and easily reconfigured making our StorageWall product truly adaptable.

Our StorageWall bespoke storage system is loved by our clients

Cider producer Thatchers, The Diocese of Bath and Wells, global IT provider, Bechtle and Frontier Estates offices are just some of James Tobias clients that have embraced the space saving and ergonomic benefits of StorageWall.

They represent four very different clients, both with unique interior storage needs. The solution we provided for them not only demonstrates the versatility of the StorageWall system, but also the ingenuity and expertise behind James Tobias, design, manufacturing and installation services.

We work with companies and enterprises of all sizes, across a wide variety of sectors, fulfilling their commercial interior needs and maximising their budget spend.

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