Bespoke interiors for the next generation workplace

Bespoke interiors can transform the modern workplace

A bespoke interior can influence a commercial space in many ways: practically (how it’s used), visually (how it looks) and emotionally (how it makes us feel). James Tobias have been pushing the boundaries of commercial interior design and manufacture for over 30 years, earning us the title ‘interior innovators’.

All our core products are easily adaptable and can be used to create almost any bespoke interior. So whether you need stylish break out seating, inventive office zoning or smart storage systems, James Tobias have the expertise to help.

As the business world looks forward to post-Pandemic economic recovery, there’s little doubt that the physical working environment will ever be the same again. Initially, creating comfortable, practical and safer workspace for staff must take priority. But, as social distancing continues to relax, those same workspaces are going to have to morph and change with the needs of staff as well as the business.

A bespoke interior may now be viewed a ‘needs must’ and less a ‘nice to have’, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a begrudge spend. At James Tobias our designers can plan a bespoke build down to the last screw, making sure that both budget and space is maximised to the full.

Bespoke interiors made differently

Our products are just part of an entirely bespoke service offering that includes design, manufacture and installation. All manufacturing is done in our Somerset-based factory and we pride ourselves on our green footprint, which extends into our supply and distribution network.

We’re acutely aware of the materials we use and strive to reduce the impact they have on the world around us. Our new RPC (Recycled Plastic Composite) eco-material is now being rolled out as part of our StorageWall system, all our timber is sourced from the UK and many of our product frames and carcasses are made from recyclable aluminium.

Not only are we FSC certified, we also recently won the Environmental Achievement Award in the 2021 Somerset Business Awards (you can watch the announcement on our YouTube channel).

Award winning and trusted

Backed by a 30 year legacy of design, manufacturing and installation, award winning James Tobias are synonymous with bespoke interiors. If you’d like to know more, contact James Tobias today and why not sign up to the James Tobias newsletter?

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