Back to school: forward facing classrooms

forward facing classrooms

Classrooms have changed. They may be full once again but, to some, they are almost unrecognisable. One of the key changes within the Government guidance for the safe reopening of schools is, all desks should be forward facing with pupils sitting side-by-side.

Are forward facing classrooms the way forward?

In order to reduce contact points, Government guidance advises that all pupils now learn in forward facing classrooms with desks positioned side-by-side. For the majority of schools this has required some significant changes to the classroom setup. Creating a focal point within the classroom can help facilitate this change in a more intuitive way. Where pupils are used to a more free-flowing classroom creating an obvious and significant focal point can make this new way of learning feel more natural.

Reduce clutter and clear spaces

Classrooms are also required to be as clutter free as possible, with unnecessary equipment and resources safely stored away. Many schools find that having enough storage can be problematical and simply adding additional cupboards can take up valuable space on the classroom floor.

Space saving, distraction free EducationWall

Our EducationWall is built on a flexible modular system which enables each classroom to build the perfect solution for their individual space. Integrating white boards and interactive screens creates a natural focal point making forward facing learning feel less foreign to pupils. As a complete multi purpose storage system, EducationWall can be designed to accommodate charging points, Gratnell trays, lockers and storage units. Maximising organisation, minimising clutter.

Antibacterial accessories

Antibacterial accessories such as trays and handles can all help in reducing bacteria and viral spread without reliance on constant wiping and disinfection. These accessories can all be integrated into EducationWall increasing safety and helping to reduce infection spread.

Quick installation

EducationWall can be easily installed in a matter of days allowing for installation during a school break and ensuring no disruption to pupil’s learning. To find out more or to request a quote please do get in touch.

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