Meet the Team

Sonya Conway

Design is my passion, working across different sectors for the early part of my career has given me a breadth of knowledge and expertise to bring into my role as Project Design Engineer at James Tobias.

The team are such a friendly hardworking group of people and the support and sharing of industry knowledge as I develop in my role has been hugely beneficial. I’m really looking forward to working with different materials in design and now I get to work with wood, metal and fabric as well as new innovative materials such as RPC, Bamboo and Cork. One of my favourite work projects so far was splitting a large area with StorageWall and creating a secret walk-through cupboard to access the room behind – just like Narnia!

Design continues outside of work and you will often find me taking on DIY projects and looking for the next challenge to enhance our home. We recently changed our garden from a jungle to a low maintenance space where we can enjoy a cider in the summer evenings!

My husband and I love travelling abroad and since getting my passport in 2016, we’ve been to Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Greece, Germany, Croatia, Portugal and Malta, gaining design influences from the countries we visit – we are always looking forward to our next adventure. When at home and not undertaking DIY, other hobbies include making typographical portraits and creating wedding stationary for friends after doing it for my own wedding!